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Alto: Always high on life, always striving as much as we can. Just like a mountain, we can reach as high as we strive for but most importantly staying rooted to the ground. Providing different types of habitats for different types of creatures.

Here at Alto, our motto is “In The Community, For The Community” providing the best experience we can for the people be it in the food or in the services we provide. 



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portobello, sourdough, scrambled eggs, greens, parmigiano, herb oil


poached eggs, hollandaise, portobello, greens, sesame, herb oil


2 poached eggs, sourdough, turkey ham, housemade hollandaise sauce and topped with sesame and chilli…


scrambled eggs, sourdough, chicken bratwurst, roasted tomatoes, white button, butter, magic sauce, greens

SALMON KHAN $15.90-$17.80

pesto sourdough with melted cheddar and mozzarella, smoked salmon , pickled cucumbers and red onions…

THE FUNGUY $15.90-$17.80

pesto sourdough with melted cheddar and mozzarella, portobello mushroom, capsicums , greens , topped with…

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    54 Bayshore Rd, Singapore 469979, Singapore

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    • Monday 9am-6pm
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    • Saturday 8am-7pm
    • Sunday 8am-7pm

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